With the outbreak still going on, we've made a few adjustments to keep everyone safe while Tasting the Chase!

1. ORDER AHEAD: If possible use a credit card.
2. MASK MANDITORY: If you pick up food, wear a mask and have your money ready.
3. HAVE IT DELIVERED: If you feel ill in any way, DO NOT PICK UP FOOD. We'll bring The Chase to you. Be sure to respect our delivery person to keep them safe as well.
4. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP: We're going to get through this. You know who's really in charge.



Stay Safe Chasers!!



What sets Nita’s Gumbo
apart from all the rest?
It’s the ROUX!

We combine a variety of Louisiana seasonings and spices
to create our rich and savory, roux, traditional to French Creole
origins. It’s the foundation for the taste we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

We don't use ANY pork or beef for our Cajun cuisine.
Even our Andouille Sausage is made with chicken.

So Let The CHASE Begin!