Nita’s Gumbo recipe originated in the New Orleans kitchen of the late Irving Sheldon Jones. He moved to Chicago in 1921 but kept his Louisiana roots alive by making time for the authentic French-Creole styled Gumbo he loved to make. 

Irving passed along his recipe to his daughter Anita, and taught her how to make the most important ingredient in any Gumbo...the roux! For hours Anita would watch her father cook with pride whenever he prepared this Louisiana family recipe. It was here she learned the art of cooking, embraced the joy of creating and, under his watchful eye, mastered the techniques behind the taste of his intoxicating Gumbo.

As a loving tribute to her father, Anita began making Gumbo as a tradition on New Years Day. It was her way of keeping her father's spirit alive, passing down the family recipe to the next generation. Of course, Anita couldn’t resist adding her own Chicago twist to the Louisiana mix! To this day, family and friends race to Anita’s house on New Years to share in the taste they’d all been waiting for...her delicious Gumbo!
They refer to this once-a-year event as “the chase”—hence the phrase, Taste the Chase!

Anita’s dedication to family pride and food inspired her descendants to open this restaurant, Nita’s Gumbo,
in her honor. For them, it represents the love and tireless sacrifices Anita made for the sake of family.
It embodies 25 years of Gumbo gratitude passed
down through generations, but most important, it’s
a realization of Anita’s dream to share the taste and introduce the chase to all of you in Chicago. Enjoy!